Frequently Ask Questions

What value-added services does National Catering Company provide to our event?

A reduction of rental fees and a savings of your priceless time dedicated to planning endless logistics and catering related details.

Does National Catering Company staff wear uniforms?

Yes, we have our own corporate uniforms but always prefer to proudly wear your logo to showcase your brand. We are not concerned with our self promotion but more about impressing your valued guests on your behalf.

How does National Catering Company charge?

Most events are billed on a per person meal package guarantee. Everything is included so there are no hidden charges allowing you to remain within your budget.

Will National Catering Company advise us on various themes for our event?

Absolutely! We truly enjoy memorable themed events and creative opportunities. Our greatest priorities are still the logistics and flow to properly serve your guests in a timely manner. Themes just add to the fun.

What provisions does National Catering Company make for inclement weather?

We provide our own custom framed tents for our prep areas. Our tents are fully capable of surpassing weather challenges. We do offer next day rain date options. Flexibility is always the key to successful outdoor events.

What health and safety precautions are provided?

Our entire staff is fully trained, experienced and compliant with local health, fire and safety codes. From education to implementation we provide all of the proper equipment to meet the standards of these important codes.