Special Events/Festivals

Customized Themes

Let our team of professionals design your customized event. Have your own ideas? We are more than happy to work alongside you to make your theme come to life.

Ability to serve 500+ guests

Because we own all our own equipment and with our years of experience we are able to effectively set up and quickly serve more than 500 guests at one time.

Buffet Style

Buffet Style with multiple lines moves guests quickly through food service. No waiting in long lines makes an event always more enjoyable for your guests.

Meals prepared on site and served fresh by experienced professional staff

No shuttling! Meals are prepared on site and served piping hot to guest. Our professional staff makes sure that guests are moved through the line efficiently and that we never run out of product for your guest.

Customized menu based on your events wants and needs

Whether you have guest with dietary restrictions or are just looking for something out of the ordinary, we are able to customized a menu that will fit your event perfectly.

$10,000,000 in Liability Coverage

We are an established company that will make sure there are no surprises in obtaining any necessary permits.